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Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed that your teeth are more discolored than they used to be?

Teeth discoloration is a natural part of aging and lifestyle choices, but professional teeth whitening can help you turn back the clock. 

The dentists at Thornton Dental Associates, P.C., help Washington DC patients safely achieve whiter teeth.

What Causes Discoloration?

Poor dental hygiene isn't the sole cause of discoloration, unlike many other oral health concerns. While plaque buildup can make your teeth appear yellow, other factors are involved in tooth discoloration:


Yellowing teeth are a natural part of aging. As we age, our enamel wears down, exposing the yellow dentin underneath. 


Some people have thicker enamel layers than others, allowing their teeth to stay whiter for longer. 


Dark beverages, like wine and coffee, can stain your teeth. 


Tobacco products, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco, can stain your teeth. 


Certain medications, like antibiotics, can stain your teeth. If you notice sudden discoloration, see if your medicine is to blame. 


Broken, cracked, and chipped teeth can cause internal bleeding that makes your teeth appear darker. 

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains are caused by external factors that you can control, such as what you drink, eat, and if you smoke. The stain is on the external layer of enamel, making whitening an ideal treatment to correct the discoloration. Intrinsic stains are often caused by factors you can't control, such as dental trauma, medical conditions and treatment, and genetics. These stains are located on the inside of the tooth and aren't often responsive to teeth whitening and benefit more from veneers or dental crowns

Do You Qualify For Teeth Whitening? Request a Consultation

If you have good oral health and want a brighter smile, you likely are a good candidate for in-office teeth whitening at our DC location. 

Our dentists are here to customize your teeth whitening treatment to your needs. Using the highest standard of dental technology, our team can help you get the smile you've been dreaming of.

To see if you qualify for teeth whitening, call to request a whitening consultation at our Washington, DC, office:

(202) 293-5805

Dr. Will Thornton and Dr. Nathan Van der Linden
Dr. Will Thornton and Dr. Nathan Van der Linden

"They are careful with my sensitive teeth!" 5-Star Reviews From DC Patients


Samantha Forcum


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I absolutely love this dentist and all the hygienists! They are so professional but also fun and friendly. The office is clean, the music is enjoyable to bop along to while you’re in the chair, and they are informative about the process/careful with my sensitive teeth! 

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Jenn N


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I've been a patient here for going on 14 years, and the staff and dentists are phenomenal. I've always been a nervous, on-edge patient at the dentist, but the folks are compassionate, non-judgmental, and gentle, and they've made it possible for me to get regular dental care instead of avoiding it as I used to do. 

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Teeth Whitening Timeline With Zoom! In-Office Whitening Treatment

With our whitening treatment, patients can improve the whiteness of their smile in just 45 minutes. 
With our whitening treatment, patients can improve the whiteness of their smile in just 45 minutes. 

Shade Evaluation

Our dentists will begin the process of whitening your teeth by evaluating your current shade and determining the strength of the gel to get your desired shade results.

Prepping The Mouth

Your dentist will then prep your lips and gums with a protective covering to avoid the gel harming these areas of your mouth during the procedure.  

Applying The Gel

Your dentist will then apply a layer of whitening gel along your teeth and use a WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp to activate the whitening gel. The lamp's settings are adjustable, so your dentist can select the right amount to get you to your desired shade without harming your teeth. 

Waiting Period

Each session under the lamp is 15 minutes, and three sessions are required to see results, making the treatment a total of 45 minutes.

Revealing Your Smile

Once your time under the lamp is complete and you've reached your desired shade, your dentist will apply a post-whitening gel that protects your enamel and reduces tooth sensitivity.

"Truly the best dentist I’ve ever had." 5-Star Reviews From DC Patients


Cecilia Papariello


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I switched here after a bad dentist experience. Truly the best dentist I’ve ever had, and the hygienists are so gentle and kind! Everyone is very patient and takes time with you to explain options.

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Alissa Swango


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I am a new patient and was referred to this office by a friend. Since the very first intake call, I have been unexpectedly over- impressed by this dental office. I have never once had a reason to say that ever in my life.

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Dr. Will Thornton and Dr. Nathan Van der Linden

Thornton Dental Associates, P.C.

The friendly team of professionals at Thornton Dental Associates, P.C. provides comprehensive dental care to patients throughout Washington, DC. Dr. Will Thornton and Dr. Nathan Van der Linden are affiliated with prestigious organizations, including the:

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